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A Destination Management Company is an agency that locally handles the planning of your event. It organizes all the professional services your company needs, such as accommodation, transportation, logistics, venue scouting, assistance, dinners, etc., to create a perfect corporate event or business trip in Spain.

  • Get the best deals on hotels and services.
  • Stay updated on the newest local venues, activities, and suppliers.
  • We will advise you on all possible doubts you may have so that absolutely everything is clarified before, during, and after your event.
  • Tax benefits for your entire corporate event if you hold an event in Spain (SUCOE).
  • Have just 1 point of contact who deals with all suppliers.
  • If your event is partially hybrid, FAB also specializes in digital events.
  • We speak your language and are fluent in Spanish as if it were our native tongue.
  • In other words, you’ll save time and money! We’ll take the burden off your shoulders so you can fully enjoy your event!
Spain offers a benefit that other European countries cannot provide at the moment. As a company from outside of Spain, you can benefit from a completely VAT-free event with the so-called SUCOE (Unique Complex Service for Event Organization). It implies to hire a combination of certain services such as hotel, F&B, audiovisuals, meeting room, activities, etc., so we can create a single VAT-free invoice for your company. These services must have a clear business-based purpose, whether it’s a conference, annual meeting, product launch, or corporate event, excluding incentives and spouse programs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page, by phone, or email.
  • Choose your preferred destination and find out about available flights for participants.
  • Set a budget limit for the services you need.
  • What type of hotel do you want to stay in.
  • Will you need meeting rooms?
  • Think about the goal of your event.
  • To include activities, set a physical level rating for your group.
  • City, coast, or nature, perhaps a combination?
FAB can help develop your ideas so we can work together, creating a perfect event.
  • The increasing use of recyclable printing materials to control unnecessary waste.
  • Use of water in glasses at meetings instead of plastic bottles.
  • Try to use paper as little as possible through digital invitations, QR codes, online agendas, etc.
  • Use biodegradable materials in lunch packages for outdoor activities, for example.
  • Offer recycling stations for your events, clearly indicating what each container is for.
  • Try to avoid food waste by carefully planning breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner.
  • Choose group transfers instead of individual ones.
  • Work with sustainable partners and venues. They know how the local recycling process works and will ensure that waste goes where it should.